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New real estate technology, and real-time data mapping platform,
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Wiz Maps Unique Real Estate Technology, Features, and Benefits

Real-Time Online Data Maps

Real-Time Online Data Maps

Type in an address , and see the latest local neighborhood Block, Tract, and Zip Code data changes, on data maps or “heatmaps” rendered in real-time without ever having to drive anywhere.

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Real-Time Local Real Estate Market Analytics

Real-Time Local Real Estate Market Analytics

Discover the latest local growth patterns and optimal local markets, based on core local monthly/quarterly demographic and economic data, which will affect real estate prices in the future.

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24-Month Local Housing Forecast

24-Month Local Housing Forecast

Know where to invest, and when to sell, in over 360,000 us local markets, from the census Block Group level, to and all level higher markets. Knowledge is King.

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Discover local market trends with your web or mobile app. Do More. All levels, all in one place.

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